Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Handbook for Environmentalist in the Muslim World

A Handbook for Environmental Conservationists in the Muslim World:How to Use Islam to Increase A Project’s Effectiveness

Environmental Studies Honors Thesis By: Austin Arensberg - Environmental StudiesPrimary Thesis Advisor Dr. Frederick Denny (Religious Studies)Secondary AdvisorsMr. Dale Miller (Environmental Studies)Dr. James White (Environmental Studies)April 11, 2005

This thesis is written as a guide for environmental conservationists in the Muslim world. It explains the Islamic environmental perspective and details how it can be used as a method for promoting environmental awareness, increasing local legitimacy among Muslims who interact with the conservation zone and promote sustainable behavior by highlighting Muslim obligations to the environment. It is hoped that this work will serve as a resource for conservation projects looking for new and innovative tactics in their work.

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