Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Globalization of Eco Islam

Eco Islam is a word that has emerged in response the environmental crisis. The movement seems to be moving from local to global action helped by some key actors in the Muslim world who try to define and respond to religion which is at the root of the heart and mind.  The "green take" of this movement is virtually a return back to the human perspective to appreciate nature and natural capital as a basic need in accordance with Islamic guidance on human nature: Fitrah.

It's impressive and surprisingly important to see that the role of Muslim in refining, moving, taking action and developing Islamic Environmentalism - an Islamic global ethic for the environment 'Eco Islam"  - has been recorded in this report: Report on Globalized Islamic Environmentalism by the University of Leiden.

The report is quite a comprehensive study from the begining of the movement and covers new and old key leaders in the Muslim world in the Environmental movement. The survey starts with an optimistic quote from Olav Kjorven of UNDP at the launch of M7YAP (Muslim Seven Year Action Plan for Climate Change Actions) in Istanbul 2009:

"the role of Islam could be decisive factor tipping the planet toward sustainable future. This commitment in Istanbul for a low carbon future can be a historic and significant in the path of resolving the climate change..."

The report makes the links between important documents and statements as well as policy-making processes throughout the Muslim World regarding the environmental movement.

The 1.3 billion Muslims of the world should not keep quiet in response to the climate crisis, and actions to conserve the planet are a real reflection of faith and piety.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Green Islam in Indonesia

Beberapa waktu yang lalu teman saya Professor Anna M Gade, Guru Besar di University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA, membuat rekaman kegiatan terkait aktifitas di beberapa pesantren lingkungan (ekopesantren) baik di Jawa Barat maupun Jawa Tengah.

K.H. Ahmad Yani: "Islam and Ecology" from Green Islam in Indonesia on Vimeo.

Menurutnya, beliau merekam 32 seri "Islam Hijau di Indonesia" yang membawa aroma positif kegiatan Islam dan lingkungan yang berasal dari tokoh-tokoh pesantren di tingkat akar rumput. Perbincangan saat video ini diluncukan juga sangat menarik ditayangkan oleh National Public Radio (NPR) di Wisconsin, USA.

Sungguh menyenangkan melihat rekaman-rekaman ini.

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